About Us


We are not like any other blank apparel distributors out there, we work hard to deliver a quality in stock product.

The basic styles of Canso Clothing’s garments are Zippered Hooded and Pullover Hooded Sweatshirts in Men’s and Women’s available in a wide variety of styles and colours made from quality unique materials. IDUN Clothing’s basics are 100% Ringspun Cotton, and 60/40 Cotton-Poly Tri-Colour and Heather fabrics in a wide range of styles.

Located in Vancouver BC, Longhair Distribution serves as a direct supplier to the largest branded skateboarding, biking, snowboarding and surfing merchandising companies.

These companies rely on Longhair Distribution to design and develop of Fleece and Cotton products, as well to source, manufacture, import, ship, warehouse, and in some cases to distribute the final product to retail stores.
People who wear our brands, and work at Longhair Distribution are a community of free thinking individuals who express themselves in a truly authentic way. We exist to promote this casual lifestyle.